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PM61’s Enterprise Architecture Services will allow you to assess your IT architecture, understand how applications can be integrated, and leverage new techniques in architecture development. This will allow you to simplify, streamline, and optimize your enterprise IT environment.


Salesforce can improve workforce productivity and customer satisfaction. However, implementing Salesforce correctly in enterprise organizations can be complex,time-consuming, and an expensive process without prior experience. With PM61’s 10+ years of experience, we deliver quality enterprise Salesforce solutions and services quickly and cost-effectively, and at minimal risk.


Our project management services for IT technologies are designed to help improve the productivity and quality of all projects. Project managers will provide tailor made solutions and bring their experience to bear. By providing expert management to your enterprise IT projects, we reduce your risks as well as your direct and opportunity costs.


Business Architecture is a disciplined approach to realizing business models, and to serve as the business foundation of an enterprise that enhances accountability and improves decision-making.
PM61 assists organizations in increasing functional effectiveness by mapping and modeling the business to the organization’s business vision and strategic goals. To develop an integrated view of an enterprise, many different views of an organization are typically developed. This foundation provides the framework that supports the achievement of key goals; the planning and execution of various business scenarios; and the delivery of bottom-line business value.


The power of Dynamics CRM can be fully realized with the right implementation. Depending on your company’s needs, the CRM can be implemented in a variety of diverse ways. Not only can PM61 customize the way in which our developers implement your instance of Microsoft CRM, we can also provide customization within the application itself to ensure that it fits your business processes and conventions.


PM61’s Microsoft specialists will provide development with design and implement transformational IT strategies. PM61 can assess your business’ goals, identify a solution that meets your business needs, and position your business to become more agile and efficient.We specialize in bringing component subsystems together into a whole and ensuring that they function together in a seamless way.


PM61 provides you with custom-made software development that will place you ahead of your competition by continuously improving your IT-based business solutions. We have an excellent record of accomplishment for delivering custom software projects on time and within budget. The PM61 team works with your business to understand its requirements and delivers comprehensive solutions. Our team incorporates standard development patterns and practices while designing, analyzing, and developing your custom solution as standard practice. We implement the latest software engineering practices like XP (Extreme Programming) and DSDM


Pm61 is a licensed Employment Agency.With our database of current and past clients, we are in a position to place potential candidates into positions with a good fit for PM61, and for the clients requirements. PM61 is looking to provide our clients with Project Managers, Business Analysts and SalesForce architects, among others. We will mutually benefit by placing you into positions that can provide the services and expertise that our clients have come to expect, bringing value and expertise under the guidance of PM61’s management and experience. If you feel that you will bring these qualities to the workplace, please use the contact portal to let us know.

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