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Abstract Background


  • PM61 started by guiding Scenic through what would be an ideal sales cycle for the business and defining the internal role hierarchy, which identified which actions each member of the team could make. The system has also been future-proofed, making it easy to add new employees as the business grows.​

  • PM61 provided the client with significant business engagement to make sure the solution eliminated major organizational pain points and made use of Salesforce's capabilities.​

  • PM61 team designed a system to create new guest records or update existing records in Salesforce that flows back to the parent system.​

  • Improved the use of the Salesforce CRM for teams through the identification of pain points and a solution to address the challenges. Apart from this, efficiency improvements aligned with the implementation of a lighting solution and consistency of the use of CRM.​

  • We designed functionality for the client to enable both historical and future booked tours, a single dashboard, displaying key sales metrics and targets achieved by Sales Representatives, displaying on the respective dashboards, migrated historical data from the legacy system to salesforce for booking, booking price, tour, account, contact, addresses, sales data, loyalty, subscriptions, etc., developed functionality to allow users to enable and manage subscriptions for loyalty programs. This includes adding and removing subscriptions and adding specialty subscriptions.​

  • The client team was experiencing the challenge of Accounts and Contacts records being duplicated in the system. PM61 developed validation rules, designed different page layouts and record types, and designed Out-of-box duplicate rules to catch duplicates and merge them on the lightning pages.​

  • Designed and developed a module for promotional trips management (FAM trips) to help the sales team track contacts who attend these promotional events, and track booking goal v/s real bookings after joining FAM.​

  • Salesforce Maintenance – Included re-establishment of integration pipeline, migrated older setup to BOOMI to ensure smooth data flow from existing CRMs to Salesforce.​

  • Salesforce Administration - Handled account maintenance, reports, workflows, dashboards, audits, and other routine Salesforce tasks. This helped to track the overall gains for all functional groups, including marketing, sales, and customer support managed tasks to enable and support administrative development, security, troubleshooting, user interfaces, and change management activities.​

  • Automated lead nurture journeys for Mayflower tours, via Journey Builder and web-to-lead capture, leads submitted via their website plus those entered via an Agent Portal. These leads were then progressed seamlessly through to an opportunity on the Salesforce platform.

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