About US


PM61 is a global enterprise consultancy that focuses on technology solutions. We work alongside our clients as the same team with aligned goals to achieve real results and bring alignment of IT and business.

01. Our Resources

  • Business Analyst
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Project Management
  • CRM Custom Development 
  • Deployment & QA Experts

02. Our Purpose

To inspire your greatness through technology. We help instill joy at work, build connections, nurture innovation, discover passion, and make an impact on our world.

PM61 consultants work with companies to architect and deliver high-quality, yet affordable technology solutions to better help them run their businesses.

03. Our Specialization

  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Salesforce
  • Custom Development


As a member of the growing Estoras Group family, we work with our enterprise partners through the use of end-to-end enterprise solutions to achieve a better alignment of IT and business. Using only the top resources in design, intelligence, and technology, PM61 is dedicated to delivering real results built on the Salesforce and Microsoft platforms.

Proven Success

PM61 is headquartered in Vancouver, BC, and employs a full range of assets to match our full-service offerings, including: IT Strategy & Enterprise Architecture, Performance Management, Organizational Transformation, Portfolio Management, Stakeholder Relationship Management, Enterprise Agreement Services, Systems Integrations, Information Management, and Application Lifecycle Management.

Our talented and highly experienced team is responsible for the creation of enterprise blueprints that are used as roadmaps to attain successful business transformations. Budget-conscious and tasked with a timely delivery, we provide solutions that integrate market-leading software for enterprise architecture management, along with proven methodologies, best practices, and expertise.

We combine competitive rates, open work methods, and a group of skilled, dedicated, and highly motivated staff working for you, the customer, as we offer businesses and organizations the opportunity to fully explore and develop the true potential of the Microsoft and Salesforce platforms.

PM61 makes every effort to cater to the different individual needs of every partner and customer. We offer a variety of convenient approaches, including onsite consultations, nearshore and offshore developments, and remote deployment solutions. Whatever you require, PM61 brings the perfect mix of consulting solutions to you!

Choosing the right implementation team to match your needs is the key to success. In addition to the expertise provided, you will need people with a deep understanding of business strategy, tech solutions, and IT support and budget optimization. Clear communication between our team and yours is a top priority in ensuring you have the right tools at your disposal to guarantee a successful operation that delivers only the best results.

At PM61, our carefully selected team of experts begins implementation by researching your specific goals, challenges, and business processes. The team then customizes their findings to accurately recreate the applicable parts of your business and staff. This allows us to provide the most effective hands-on training that will quickly bring your staff up to speed. The final result is a positive experience for you, your team, and your customers, leading to a rewarding return on your investment.

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